people with differing opinions

This provides a slightly more passive approach to customer feedback designed to help our clients improve customer loyalty through improved customer service in response to customer feedback.

Branded Comment Books and Comment Cards are made available at the point of sale or any other relevant areas and customers are encouraged to use them to provide feedback on any relevant matters once again using a simple emoticon approach together with verbatim comments.

These are then fed back to The Customers View team for collation and analysis in order to provide immediate feedback or periodic reporting.

The Customers View implements a Here2Hear programme on behalf of our sister company How’s My Service for their client OCS/Just Deli who provide contract catering services across a range of commercial business sites. Nominated sites are provided with simple response cards and suitable publicity materials to encourage customers to provide feedback. This has been very useful for maintaining service standards and remedying any specific site problems as well as identifying potential additional sales opportunities.

In many cases Here2Hear programmes are linked with Listening2You activities to provide a comprehensive range of feedback providing valuable insight into your customers whether they are consumers or other businesses.