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Case Study 3 – OCS / Just Deli

The Client
This company is one of the major players in the contract catering business and manages the catering services in several hundred units within the Business and Industry sector.

The Customers View Programme
Feedback materials including postage paid comment cards and comment books are displayed within the dining areas of these units.

Clients using the catering facilities have an opportunity to make comments and suggestions about any aspect of the service offering via postage-paid cards, a free-phone telephone number, via the internet or in the on-site comments book.

As comments are received by The Customers View, they are sent via email to the designated individuals at the contract catering firm. On a quarterly basis, all comments received are collated into a comprehensive analysis report that highlights trends and makes recommendations for service improvements.

The Client’s View
The director responsible for the B & I division within the company says that although many companies have in-house schemes for collecting customer comments, this service offers an opportunity to obtain information about their company from an independent source. He added that the accessibility of the programme means that clients can make their comments whenever and however they find most convenient and that the service is a cost effective way of obtaining valuable information about their business.