people with differing opinions
how's my?

How's My Limited was established in 1995 with the launch of How's My Driving? - a scheme designed to promote safe and courteous driving.

How's My Ltd. is the "any comments" company - independently supplying a passive customer feedback service. We are the world's first truly Interactive Quality Marque and our programmes encourage members of the public to comment on the products and services offered by the companies with which they do business. These comments are then processed and fed back to the relevant company in a non-emotive form.

Only organisations that commit to using comments in a constructive way and to respect the rights of their employees will be invited to display the How’s My symbol.

This high profile form of independent customer feedback is valuable for:

The How's My symbol is a registered trademark. It can be adapted for an almost infinite number of applications for service and product feedback. We are currently licensing a number of organisations that wish to use the symbol to promote feedback in specific industry sectors.